System Clean-Ups & Virus Removal

Sometimes when a computer is running very slow, it can be attributed to background processes, unnecessary software, adware, and software errors. This can all be cleaned up and fixed without much trouble. We won't have to delete your personal files and your computer will be in much better shape afterwards. You will also get a good, working anti-virus, updates, ad blockers, and malware protection to prevent issues from popping up anytime soon.

A standard Windows clean-up will cost $45 and can be done same day in most cases

Virus take over your system? Pop-ups screaming at you to call some phone number for a questionable sounding remote "tech support" all the time? For times when we can remove a virus WITHOUT having to reinstall Windows, we will typically be able to save programs and data.

Virus removal in most cases will cost $65 and take about 1 day.

A better kind of Antivirus

We are also able to offer discounts on premium versions of Malwarebytes, as our full antivirus suite of choice.

Call or come into the store to ask how, or just get the free version online.