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The benefits of buying a refurbished computer

What are the benefits of buying a refurbished computer?

When you buy a refurbished computer, refurbished laptop, or other refurbished device, you may think you are missing out on something that new computers offer. Let me tell you this is not the case. Not only are refurbished computers a viable option when replacing your old computer, but there can be numerous advantages as well.

Buying a refurbished system keeps a computer out of a landfill and helps the environment. You can’t argue with this fact, but is it worth it to buy a refurbished computer just to save the environment? Yes! Because there are numerous other benefits as well.

Let’s talk about a common misconception with buying refurbished.

Myth: refurbished computers won’t last as long and are more prone to failure

This is absolutely a myth in more ways than one. There is a difference between a “used” computer and a “refurbished” computer. Used computers may not last as long, and will certainly be more prone to failure. A used computer is one that is simply being resold by the previous owner, and it has not been fixed up, repaired, or upgraded at all. A refurbished computer on the other hand is much different.

A refurbished computer or laptop, especially one from TVH Computers, has been thorougly tested and even upgraded. In fact, a refurbished system goes through even more intensive testing than a new computer. In order to make sure every computer that we refurbish makes its new owner over the moon with happiness, we meticulously test every component throughout the refurbishing process to make sure it works well. If something isn’t just right, we replace it or upgrade it completely.

Refurbishing is a process

Let’s take this Macbook Pro for example. We refurbished this laptop because it still has a lot of life left in it, and with the right upgrades, it would last for another five years at least! A refurbished Macbook laptop such as this would save the owner almost a thousand dollars as opposed to buying a new one from Apple.

When we first got this system, it was extremely slow and only stayed on when it was plugged in. The fans were also very loud and it got very hot if used for too long. Sounds like a laptop that should be replaced with a new one.. right?

Wrong! A few new parts and a thorough cleaning and this laptop is running like new again. A new battery allows you to unplug it and actually take it places. A new solid state drive makes it boot up in under 20 seconds and load programs quickly. Cleaning out the internals, replacing the thermal paste on the processor, and installing a new fan makes it run cool and quiet. Lastly, a ram upgrade means it is able to keep up with the multitasking demands of the modern internet.

How do you know if your if your computer is too old to refurbish? For Windows computers, you don’t want to run anything older than a first generation i-series processor if you are doing basic web browsing. This means a computer from 2010. For Macs, it is a little more complicated, since even some newer models are artifically limited so they can’t run the latest OS. As long as your Mac can run a supported OS, you are good. I like to use to check which OS version will run on a Mac to determine if still has enough life left in it.

Just make sure you get a good warranty


One word of caution with buying a refurbished laptop or computer is to make sure that it comes with a warranty to back up the work that was done to it. Buying a system with no warranty is just as useless as buying something used, since there is no guarantee it is going to keep working. Some companies, especially big ones like Staples or Dell, charge extra money for a warranty. This is not fair to the buyer. You shouldn’t have to pay for a guarantee that your system is going to work.

At TVH Computers, we have realized the importance of a good warranty, and showing that we have faith in our computers to last a long time. This is exactly the reason we provide a free one year warranty with every computer, that covers everything from software to hardware, even the battery. With a solid warranty, there is nothing to worry about if your computer breaks down, because you can simply bring it back into the store for a quick repair.

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