Stroudsburg man

Breaking News: Stroudsburg Man Gets a Good Deal on a Refurbished Laptop

It was an ordinary day at TVH Computers. After a long day of fixing computers, Tyler and Jesse were ready to go home. But something was about to unfold that would alter the course of that day.

Meanwhile, across town

Stroudsburg resident, Jimothy, was in a bit of a jam. His laptop just died and he had nothing to watch Netflix on that night. He knew he could just use his phone but he didn’t want to go down like that. He decided to use his phone to look for refurbished laptops online. Jimothy only found refurbished laptops that would take several days to ship.

UNACCEPTABLE! He needed to watch Netflix tonight or else he would be extremely bored.

Amazingly, Jimothy stumbled across TVH Computers when he searched “computer stores near me.” What happened next is like something out of a movie.

Jimothy makes the call

Jimothy clicked the call button on Google and with bated breath, he anxiously listened to the ringback tone. After a few tense moments, someone answered the phone.

“TVH Computers, what can I help you with?”

“I desperately need a refurbished laptop, but I am in Stroudsburg! I can’t possibly get there before you close!” Jimothy cried but he knew it was hopeless. It was 4:30, and with TVH Computers being in Brodheadsville, he would get there with only 10 minutes until closing time. He hated to be “that guy.”

“It’s OK,” the friendly man from TVH Computers told him. “We can quickly set you up with a refurbished laptop. It really won’t take any time at all. We have plenty of them ready to go right now. And you can take your time picking one out. We’ll even help you try them out.” You can check out the benefits of buying a refurbished computer in our article HERE.

Jimothy was thrilled to hear such good news and hopped in the car to go to Brodheadsville right away.

When he got there he was shocked by what he found

Jimothy had never seen a selection of refurbished laptops this beautiful, and at such reasonable prices. He wanted to buy every laptop he saw because there were just so many good deals, but he controlled himself.

He decided to buy two laptops that afternoon. One was for his wife and kids to use at home in the living room, and the other was to take back with him to use in his garage. He wanted to make it worth the 24-minute drive that it had taken him to get to the shop in Brodheadsville, and the 24-minute drive it would take for him to get back to Stroudsburg. The icing on the cake was the free lifetime tech support and the one-year warranty that came with his new refurbished laptops.

Jimothy slept like a baby that night knowing his computer problems had been solved.