Data Back-Up

Why back up your data?

The simple answer is that data loss is inevitable. Hard drives will fail at some point without a doubt. From when your computer is new, you have about 4 to 6 years before your hard drive starts to fail. In some cases however, drive failure can be sudden and unexpected. Since all your valuable financial data, documents, videos, and precious family photos is likely stored on your computer, all of this would be gone forever in the event of a drive failure. Having a back-up system in place can prevent a bad situation from becoming a HORRIBLE CATASTROPHE.

Network and local back-up

We can set your system up to back up to a network attached storage device or external hard drive, and show you how to make the most of your equipment to make sure you are always prepared for the worst.

Online back-up

Sometimes it is better to just trust a big company with your precious data, in which case you’ll want to use any number of online back-up services. We can help you set these up.

Computer’s dead NOW and it’s too late to talk about preventing it?

Has the worst already happened, and you never got around to making that back-up. There is still some hope. If your computer does not turn on or boot up properly, we may be able to recover files from the hard drive as long as it is not completely failed. It is worth a shot to get back priceless information.