Mac Software & Hardware

Most computer stores won’t touch Macs. We take pride in working on Macs when no one else will, and especially when the Apple Store won’t even look at your older Mac since you don’t have Apple Care. Most parts will be more expensive than on Windows PCs, but we are able to service basically the same areas.

Macbook Battery Replacement

Does your Macbook turn off as soon as you unplug the charger? You probably just need a new battery. We install batteries in all Macbooks, even the newer ones with glued-in batteries that are not designed to be easily replaced. Even if your Mac is very old, we can get a battery for it. If your Macbook is starting to swell up around the battery and expand, that means your battery has gone bad, and should be replaced immediately before it damages your computer. Ideally you should replace your battery before it starts expanding.

Mac Storage Upgrade

Does your Mac warn you that your disk is almost full or you are getting low on space? We can find out what is taking up all the space and clean things up or better yet, we can upgrade your storage to a higher capacity. Need a bigger hard drive or SSD in your Mac? We can install a larger hard drive or a faster solid state drive in your Mac so it runs like new.

Mac OS Upgrade

Is your Mac running on an old version of the operating system and you need to upgrade? We can check out your computer and figure out the latest operating system that can be installed on it. Are you not sure how to upgrade to a newer operating system and don’t want to risk messing something up? We can take care of the whole process for you and make sure you don’t lose any data. We can back up your files before we upgrade the operating system so you don’t lose anything.

Macbook and iMac Screen Repair

Did you drop your Macbook? Clumsy you! That’s why we’re here. We can replace your screen so you can keep using your computer. Did the kids drop your Macbook Pro out of the second story window for a TikTok video? Kids these days! You don’t need to be too upset though, because Macbook screen replacements are not as expensive as the Apple store wants you to think. We can install a new glass, LCD, or display assembly in your Macbook or iMac so you can start seeing things clearly again.

We also sell a variety of genuine Apple chargers and batteries, and if we don’t have something in stock we can order it for a reasonable price.